Thursday, December 22, 2011

Website Update

I've made some advancements to my website recently, with the help of Jenna M. Fryer.
Improved the structure, added some things here and there:

Updated it with the two recent series:

Added new works to:

The reception at Dacia was fun, thanks to those who came out !
Happy Holidays to all !

Friday, December 9, 2011


My new work will be featured in a group show HYPERBOREANS opening on
Thursday December 15th, 6-10 pm

Dacia Gallery, 53 Stanton Street, New York, NY
On view December 15 - January 15, 2012

The two recent paintings are studies, and an introduction of sort to the new series I am working on titled "Ex Nihilo".
Also in the show are new works from my buddies: Jake Blake, Louis Spano, and Lisa Fiore.
Full list and details on the press release:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new sketchbook stuff

New pages from my sketchbook. Was playing around with these 6 simultaneously, in the last month or so. They ended up feeling like landscapes to me for the most part, not sure why. Can't believe there is only a few more blank sheets left...

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Every year fall seems to coincide with a weak time for me, in terms of the work output. The last two months have been going on trips and spending time with my grandmother, who is visiting me in New York for the first time. I was attempting to compensate by writing down thoughts, and working on concepts for the forthcoming projects, while analyzing my general progression to this point; sort of being my own lab-rat. Also busy with making adjustments/additions to my presentation on the web and on paper, arranging art crits with my buddies, and doing some freelance projects.
This is a drawing ("downward") that was featured in the Black Sheep exhibit last month.

It turned out to be a rather significant piece to me: besides it being a rare occasion for a page from my modus operandi sketchbook to have become something other than itself, interestingly enough the only other exception was "hands", which had a similar initial motivation of using my hands to create the foundation layer.

This work in some sense became a reinforcement for me to follow up on some of the more experimental directions that I have been pursuing outside my main focus in the last year.

I am beginning to recontextualize these technical approaches in accordance with the concepts that have been taking shape in my mind recently; attempting to bridge together various aspects of my execution in the new works that are a beginning of a new series.
Here is a look at one of the small paintings in the works (first 4 layers), about half-way through I guess...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remain Series

Took the show down last week. Thanks to everyone who came to see the work, bought stuff, and supported me in any/every way ! Your help is greatly appreciated (can't thank you enough)!

If you are interested, check out a writeup about the work Samantha Levin (Anagnorisis Fine Arts) put together. She's pretty much fully responsible for making the show happen !!!
Keep up with her on Twitter Flickr and Tumblr

Thanks to Louis Spano for spreading the word @ Lost at E Minor
Take a look at his own compelling distorted works at

In addition, for those who are interested I made a Flickr page containing

Remain: paintings


Sunday, October 16, 2011


I'd like to invite everyone to a group exhibit I'm partaking in: BLACK SHEEP !

Join the artists for the opening reception on Oct 20th, 6pm - 9pm !!!

The show is at AC Gears
On view Oct 17 -30

Pretty awesome to be in a batch with all these guys !
Featured artists include:
and others.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Various Promotion

Lately I've been somewhat expanding on the web.

Just created a Flickr page.
It's a good place for high resolution images, which are essential in order to get the idea of my surface treatment across, something that becomes distorted when uploaded here on the blog.
Another reason for this alternative source to be justified is that besides images of my work, I'll be putting up other things like documentation of my process regarding versatile projects.

Decided to make a Twitter account as well.
Not sure where this one is headed, guess I'll just wait and see...

There is a FREE LECTURE hosted by Samantha Levin at the White Rabbit in conjunction with my show, covering an assemblage of ways to create a community, put together a show, and promote yourself and your work.

The event is assisted by the SVA Alumni Community,
(not going to be there since I'm still in Russia for another week, but this free talk should be totally beneficial, don't miss it !)

Hi-Fructose Magazine was kind enough to mention my solo show, and put up some images.

Monday, October 10, 2011


So I finally got around to completing the StPetersburg series of paintings !

Part of this body of work was exhibited at ARTILLERY's debut PLEXUS and published in the Artillery Artist Book Volume 1.

The paintings were commissioned, and I just delivered them to Russia. Here is a look at them in their new home:

Bellow is an artist statement regarding this body of work, for those who are interested:

Through this series of paintings I've set out to explore the city where I was born and grew up in. Documenting this place in any sort of fashion was not my intention. Rather,I chose to present my view of it as it is: a muddled and fragmented memory of a hazy puzzle that is pieced together by various references.

Though, the trigger for my art is always a personal emotional response, all of my work tends to pull from art historical references, this series not being an exception. In these images, the formal issue of composition was the starting point of my process. While giving a nod to architecture, the initial blueprint of each piece, was the golden ratio.

Common and recurring themes that I choose to explore in my subject matter are the relationships between human beings and their surroundings. I also gravitate toward understanding our attempts in manipulating the natural. In this instance, Iʼve attempted to link the conceptual content with the formal qualities of the work by juxtaposing the tight and precise skeleton of the drawing with the rather looser, intuitive skin of painting. I look for a balance between chance and control. I let things grow out until I arrive at a point where I feel that the artificial construction has become a being.

StPetersburg: the series completed

So here are the paintings:
The first one is a clash of the Saint Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals

This painting is revolving around an excerpt of a poem about the city by Alexander Pushkin

The focus here is Peter the Great- the founder of StPetersburg

Church of the Savior on Blood

Anichkov Bridge