Thursday, November 24, 2011


Every year fall seems to coincide with a weak time for me, in terms of the work output. The last two months have been going on trips and spending time with my grandmother, who is visiting me in New York for the first time. I was attempting to compensate by writing down thoughts, and working on concepts for the forthcoming projects, while analyzing my general progression to this point; sort of being my own lab-rat. Also busy with making adjustments/additions to my presentation on the web and on paper, arranging art crits with my buddies, and doing some freelance projects.
This is a drawing ("downward") that was featured in the Black Sheep exhibit last month.

It turned out to be a rather significant piece to me: besides it being a rare occasion for a page from my modus operandi sketchbook to have become something other than itself, interestingly enough the only other exception was "hands", which had a similar initial motivation of using my hands to create the foundation layer.

This work in some sense became a reinforcement for me to follow up on some of the more experimental directions that I have been pursuing outside my main focus in the last year.

I am beginning to recontextualize these technical approaches in accordance with the concepts that have been taking shape in my mind recently; attempting to bridge together various aspects of my execution in the new works that are a beginning of a new series.
Here is a look at one of the small paintings in the works (first 4 layers), about half-way through I guess...

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