Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On View

First of all thanks so much to all those who made it to the reception. Your support means more than you might think, an artist cannot exist without an audience. The show is on view at theWhite Rabbit until October 31st, Tuesday through Saturday 6:30pm to 2 am, or by appointment.

The gallery of the work is available online - here !
Feel free to email Samantha Levin for a price list and further details at art@artanagnorisis.com

You can check out the work during the next Scribbler event taking place at the White Rabbit on Thursday, September 22nd, 7pm- 11pm.
RSVP on the facebook page ! All are welcome !

Check out the photos from the previous two scribbler events on the Anagnorisis Flickr page.

Last but not least here are some sweet shots taken by Matt Grashaw during the reception.Check out his wonderful photography blog !