Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Was invited by Lou Pimentel to a show he curated: 
opening @ MyPlasicHeart
Friday, August 3rd 6-9pm !

     A real treat to work on my own stuff for a bit (while busy with commercial stuff). The detail is of a new paintings: Cherub. Addressing conflicting structural framework again, this time concerning being in the position of seeing (apocalypse/revelation), yet being faced with the problems which arise out of the clarity. Cherubim is a concept of a spiritual being that goes back to Mesopotamia, later evolving in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. The appearances throughout history vary widely, some of the later described it as being full of eyes.
     While continuing the introspective process further internally, I am simultaneously beginning to attempt applying these views to my context. A lot of ideas are cooking, that seem to be rooted in the nature of this painting and the last one. They are focusing on the people around me, and how has my connection with them affected my own views, thought process, and emotional state.

     A great honor to be in a show with  Lou, Allison Sommers, Jonathan Beer, Matt Rota, Julia Griffin and the rest of the artists !

The show runs August 3rd- September 2nd
210 Forsyth st NY 10002
Come by Friday night !

Monday, July 9, 2012

Gifts, Trades, and Obtainments. pt 2: Catalogues

Since my early years of writing(drawing) postcards, I would make drawings, and last few years- printouts/cards, for my family, friends, and relatives who inquire about my art. This year I've made catalogues of my work from the last two series StPetersburg and Remain.

If anyone else is interested both books can be bought on this site
There is a full preview online, and a free digital download.

Had a fun time putting them together, some photos of my copies:

St Petersburg