Sunday, January 29, 2012

Change of Plan

Some things came up, so the side projects will have to wait...

New ARTILLERY show is coming up !

February 7th - 22nd @ Grit N Glory
Opening reception Friday, February 10th 6-11PM

RSVP only ! ( facebook )
more info coming soon...

I am in a process of completion of a new rather immediate painting, which derived from a current life situation that had to be addressed at this moment. Here are the first several layers:

Jake is working away on his new piece:

Take a peek at Joe's new portrait:

In other news: got a day job @ Evergreen Architectural Arts painting the murals for their current project- Venetian Hotel
So the rest of my time (and well... painting) is going to work, which is pretty cool for a change. Having fun and learning a lot of new things. Oh, and somehow 80% of the painting team is russian... haha

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gifts, Trades, and Obtainments. pt 1

I have put my new series on hold, in order to deal with some freelance side projects, commissions, and other miscellaneous works. There are also plenty of distractions recently: holidays, a family skiing trip, social life... The next few weeks (and thus posts) will be devoted to the completion of those things.

Rachel, who's a good friend of mine, and a wonderful artist recently designed and screen printed sketchbooks and notebooks. Contact her to get your hands on one.

I've started drawing in mine recently:

Another colleague of mine Louis Spano has been a tremendous help in terms of getting together art crits I've been arranging in the last couple of months.

He just made a portrait of me in my studio, check it out !