Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Various Promotion

Lately I've been somewhat expanding on the web.

Just created a Flickr page.
It's a good place for high resolution images, which are essential in order to get the idea of my surface treatment across, something that becomes distorted when uploaded here on the blog.
Another reason for this alternative source to be justified is that besides images of my work, I'll be putting up other things like documentation of my process regarding versatile projects.

Decided to make a Twitter account as well.
Not sure where this one is headed, guess I'll just wait and see...

There is a FREE LECTURE hosted by Samantha Levin at the White Rabbit in conjunction with my show, covering an assemblage of ways to create a community, put together a show, and promote yourself and your work.

The event is assisted by the SVA Alumni Community,
(not going to be there since I'm still in Russia for another week, but this free talk should be totally beneficial, don't miss it !)

Hi-Fructose Magazine was kind enough to mention my solo show, and put up some images.

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