Monday, October 10, 2011


So I finally got around to completing the StPetersburg series of paintings !

Part of this body of work was exhibited at ARTILLERY's debut PLEXUS and published in the Artillery Artist Book Volume 1.

The paintings were commissioned, and I just delivered them to Russia. Here is a look at them in their new home:

Bellow is an artist statement regarding this body of work, for those who are interested:

Through this series of paintings I've set out to explore the city where I was born and grew up in. Documenting this place in any sort of fashion was not my intention. Rather,I chose to present my view of it as it is: a muddled and fragmented memory of a hazy puzzle that is pieced together by various references.

Though, the trigger for my art is always a personal emotional response, all of my work tends to pull from art historical references, this series not being an exception. In these images, the formal issue of composition was the starting point of my process. While giving a nod to architecture, the initial blueprint of each piece, was the golden ratio.

Common and recurring themes that I choose to explore in my subject matter are the relationships between human beings and their surroundings. I also gravitate toward understanding our attempts in manipulating the natural. In this instance, Iʼve attempted to link the conceptual content with the formal qualities of the work by juxtaposing the tight and precise skeleton of the drawing with the rather looser, intuitive skin of painting. I look for a balance between chance and control. I let things grow out until I arrive at a point where I feel that the artificial construction has become a being.

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  1. Super interesting work. It looks like your having so much fun with these colors. I'm glad. Things here are more and more design based for the program that I'm in, and has been different than what I am used to. Not ideal. Someday it might make sense I hope. Your work is looking awesome. Visually it looks like fresh air in oil paint form. Ethereal, yet cohesive to these structures. Strong stuff.