Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sketchbook finished

My modus operandi sketchbook has been nearly finished for the longest time, but only recently I was able to get back into it and complete the last few pages.

Scanned the whole thing again in order to have large files, which better present the idea of scale, since it was one of the main ones in here. Along with scale, surface treatment experimentation, continuity/flow, and using unbiased intuitive imagination were the determining guiding restrictions. Towards the end a spontaneous focus arose manifested in development of the fleshmaps idea: using objects in nature, to study and attempt to apply their pattern; most direct object being the palm of the hand...

After finishing the sketchbook I felt the need to continue this process, and began working on another several pieces during my stay in Russia this fall. My experience from the visit created the content, which turned the new intuitive experimental drawings into a series. Currently refining and finishing those, more information soon.

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