Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miscellaneous (Gifts, Trades, and Obtainments 3)

An update on some miscellaneous things I've been working on:

Two new introspective drawings that were started in the last few months and have come to a conclusion recently (will be gifts). Up in the Hypothesis section of my site as well.                  

Meal, watercolor, octopus skin, acrylic, white charcoal on paper, 12"x16"

Blind, watercolor, graphite, acrylic, ink , white charcoal on paper, 9"x12"

Some time ago I was working on a painting, intention and composition of which I eventually deemed failed, yet decided to cut out, and keep developing a fragment of it, in its own right, as a portrait.
Will be trading this for a landscape by Lisa Fiore, who was a model for the piece.

oil on canvas, 15"x14"

A while back I did some model drawings at an event (revolving around Manet's luncheon on the grass painting) organized by my freshman year drawing professor Nils Karsten. He's having a show soon, reception this Thursday(20th) 6-8, @ Churner and Churner, don't miss it !

watercolor, ballpoint pen, white charcoal on paper, 12"x16"

acrylic, ballpoint pen, white charcoal on paper, 14"x17"
Added these to Sentient.

Last weekend I was invited to a party by Zoe Williams, for which everyone made an ornament, here is mine:

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