Thursday, August 15, 2013


Not being in any series this painting from the current show hasn't been properly introduced, but is pretty significant moment in my progression.

DEPARTURE graphite, oil on canvas, 17" x 20"

Movement through time, a fragment of memory. Specific space serves as a stimuli thus a connection is established. The elapsed time causes change, which becomes fully realized when faced with the view of a transformed space, and so the stimuli ceases to exist.
Was visiting my grandmother's place of childhood with her, and witnessed the ripples of distortion in perception. Took place during the time of my own mind going through a similar loop (detach), so I immediately attached to this occurrence seeing how it in itself becomes a memory of a vicariously experienced  memory. Used a painting of her from 2 years ago in order to formally show the impact of the flow of time. Questioning the nature of the relationship between reality and its perception by the mind.

Had a lot of fun/headache putting it together:

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