Friday, November 2, 2012


In this section I will display the projects that were created to function as applied art for media (publication, film, etc.)


This is an illustration to a story by my fellow SVA graduate Kelsey Donald. An aspiring writer and horror genre enthusiast, who's put together a book of short stories following a young couple as they find themselves inextricably linked to a series of paranormal events. To support her project and get a poster of the drawing visit the Kickstarter page.

Red Dust

I partook in a production of a short film that was shot for broadcast on selected music cable channels in Asian countries, and to be edited into a music video. Since the plot involved a young artist some of my early and more recent art was used for the visuals. I worked with the director, to enhance the narrative with a few things. Painted a wheelchair that belongs to the protagonist.

Made a couple of quick paintings to supplement the storyline.

Dark Ages

Was hired by a musician to visualize his concepts, for a book that is coming out in conjunction with the new album. Reworked an existing logo design.


Background image to go behind the text.

A couple of illustrations.

In No Place

Worked on a short documentary by Gabriel Long, offering a unique look at elements of the constitution and the law that are often obscured or forgotten despite their fundamental importance to our society. The illustrations that I made captured specific moments of the story, told to the viewer through the interview with Stephen Oleskey. After being pulled over by police, and forced to stand trial during a civil rights campaign in 66, he started a career that would include advocacy work, eventually taking on a case representing six men being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison.
These drawings were adjusted in aftereffects, to imply movement and atmosphere.  Here are a few examples of the quick/stylized illustrations.

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